The Regeneron Great Limerick Run is committed to the continued review and implementation of sustainability strategies and environmentally friendly practices throughout the race in Limerick.

Sustainability management has become an increasingly important consideration for our team, and we have introduced new measures to address sustainability concerns and ensure we are setting high standards for such a large public event. These new measures include:

  • Bottles: in collabortation with Clean Ireland Recycling we have clean-up teams in place to collect bottles from the course in a timely manner, with support from the relevant local authorities, this will result in none of the of bottles from the event ending up in landfill
  • The unused bottles are donated to local running clubs for their races.
  • All clothes discarded at the start are collected by charities and re-used.
  • Race instructions and registration materials are powered by the online ticketing company Eventmaster, not printed.
  • Not all race numbers will be printed as we expect a drop off from the figures entered so less waste of excess numbers.
  • All branding material and banners are collected and reused every year.
  • Any leftover Goodie Bags are collected and given to charity.

The Regeneron Great Limerick Run has an ongoing focus on sustainability management for its race day, which is integrated into our long-term strategy for the continued success of this event.