Marathon Relay

The Marathon Relay starts at 9am and consists of teams of 2 or 4 runners. Participants can choose to pick up their baton during number collection. Alternatively, until April 11th, you have the option to have it mailed along with your race number for an extra fee.

1st Transition Area – Mile 5.5, Milford Credit Union, Plassey Road

2nd Transition Area – Mile 12.7, Johns Square

3rd Transition Area – Mile 20.5, Henry St @ Dunnes Stores

Relay Buses

Buses are available to take runner No 2 in the relay event out to Transition Area 1 (Milford Credit Union) between 8:30am – 8:45am from Arthurs Quay Bus Stop

Buses will then be available to take Runner 1 back to Arthurs Quay from Milford Credit Union, where they can make their way to the reunion point – Strand Hotel, Ennis Road