Fittest Company Challenge

The Fittest Company Challenge is a fun and friendly competition amongst businesses during the Regeneron Great Limerick Run.

If you have already signed up – then we’d like to thank you for taking on the challenge. If not – then you still have plenty of time to do so and we would like to invite you and your company to join in.

The event date is getting closer so it’s time to dust off those runners and start training. Get your colleagues out – train together & have some fun! This is a win-win competition – you get active, get lots of fresh air, have some fun & interact with your colleagues in a different context and who knows – maybe your company could be the one to lift the trophy in 2024.

The winners of last year’s different categories (micro, small, medium & large companies) have already signed up and are back in the race – striving to hold on to their titles as…

The Fittest Company

There are categories for micro, small, medium, and large companies, as determined by number of employees. You will be competing against other companies of similar size and plaques will be awarded to the first 3 placed companies in each category. 

Ways to encourage involvement from employees

  • Offer team gear with company logo to wear during training runs and race day
  • Challenge another department or local companies to see who can have more participants
  • Offer an extra day off! This would be most appreciated by those recovering from running in the marathon
  • Invite a marathon guest speaker to talk to employees about health and wellness
  • Hang inspirational flyers in break rooms and other public areas
  • Encourage top level management to participate
  • Provide training updates through company emails
  • Pay part or all of participants’ registration fees (or reimburse after race day)
Contact the GLR office with additional questions. Email
Do we have to run the marathon to participate?

No. Employees can participate in any event as a runner or walker. However, we do not encourage walking a marathon because of time restraints. Rather, we encourage walkers to participate in the six miles or half marathon or as part of a relay team.

Do we have to be a large company to participate??

Absolutely not! There are categories for micro, small, medium, and large companies, as determined by number of employees. You will be competing against other companies of similar size and plaques will be awarded to the first 3 places in each category.

Micro = less than 10 employees

Small = 10-49 employees

Medium = 50-250 employees

Large = 250+ employees

What if no one from our company is a runner?

The website sets out a training program designed to get participants to the start line well prepared and in top shape ready for their Great Limerick Run distance. Remember, that walkers are also encouraged to participate in the event.

Why should I promote this program to our employees?

Running and walking promotes a healthy lifestyle, which in turn creates healthier employees who in turn are more productive and less likely to be sick. It is also a good way to boost company morale, team spirit and a fun way for employees to interact outside the office. Plus, you get the right to the claim your company is the “Fittest company” for the year! You’ll receive a plaque and there’s potential PR exposure.

Does the team 'coach' register the entire company team?

Not necessarily. A company representative will need to register the company initially. Then each individual can register themselves online. Just make sure that each employee selects to be part of the Fittest Company challenge and chooses your company from the drop-down list.  Alternatively if the company wants to enter a pay for a team of employees, please send an email to:

Our company would like to pay the registration fees for our employees, how should that be handled?

For details of how to register and pay for an entire employee team, please contact us at:  

Can my family and friends sign up as part of our Company Challenge team?
Although we encourage all family and friends to participate in the marathon and associated event, they may not sign up as part of the corporate challenge unless they are employees of the company.
How are the Winners of the Fittest Company Challenge calculated?

Points are awarded per mile completed (e.g. 6 Mile = 6 points, Half Marathon =13 points).

Fittest Company Challenge Winners 2023

Micro Winner – Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh

Small Winner – Materion Ireland

Medium Winner – BDO Limerick

Large Winner – Analog Devices