Physical Therapy

Paul Murray Treaty Ball

Paul Murray will have his Treaty Ball ( your own pocket physio) at the Regeneron Great Limerick Run Expo at University of Limerick Sports centre. Designed and invented by our own BSHGLR Physical Therapist Paul Murray M.I.A.P.T.

Treaty Ball is an innovative uniquely designed Physical Therapy tool with two alternative sized rubber balls on a flat comfort rope with a rubber handle for grip. Its sole purpose is to effectively break down your Trigger Points (which are simply small contracted knots in muscle, causing discomfort) and then allow you to stretch out those restricted areas that have been preventing your range of motion and causing your discomfort, or it can also assist to increase your existing flexibility.

Hamstring stretch

Hamstring trigger

The two balls (one large and one smaller, moveable ball) have a specific measured density level, that allows you to penetrate through the layers of tissues and target your Trigger Point (TPs) more deeply and precisely. The flat strap offers you comfort with its rubber handle grip, to assist in post trigger point work and stretch out more efficiently. This overcomes the body’s ability to shut down the tightened muscle areas that cause so much discomfort and restriction to your range of movement, which can lead onto many other debilitating conditions.
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