Distance: 6 miles

Course Description:
Discover the charm of Limerick in a unique way with our 6 Mile course. This scenic and approachable route provides participants with a delightful journey through the heart of the city. As the course unfolds, runners will traverse closed streets, capturing the essence of Limerick’s iconic landmarks. The final stretch of the route converges with the Marathon and Half Marathon, creating a shared and energizing experience for all participants.

City Integration:
More than just a race, the 6 Mile event is a celebration of Limerick’s beauty. The course artfully showcases the city’s significant landmarks, immersing participants in the rich cultural tapestry of Limerick. The genuine support from the local community adds to the festive atmosphere, ensuring runners feel the camaraderie and warmth that defines Limerick’s spirit.

Start and Finish:

Start: Pery Square, 12:30 pm
Finish: O’Connell Street, Limerick

The race kicks off at the vibrant Pery Square at 12:30 pm, and participants conclude their 6-mile journey on the bustling O’Connell Street, surrounded by the cheers of spectators.